I explore our perception and experience of the natural world as it moves and changes.

Movement and change are fundamental to existence. Everywhere, at every scale, there is endless transition. Nature is never still.

My interest in this phenomenon has been lifelong. Before I entered art education, I was a professional yacht skipper, already attuned to the elements, as well as understanding the forces in earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

I am intrigued that we have an innate attraction to movement. It is often the first thing we notice in the landscape. What I find most fascinating, however, is that there are some phenomena that capture our attention in a special way. For example, we find it mesmerising to look into the flames of an open fire. Our reaction seems beyond thought or understanding as we are drawn into becoming a part of the process itself and are held in the moment.

Similar effects can be created by the wind – witness as it blows over a field of new barley – and much of my recent work is focused on how I might exploit this. The wind contains invisible forms; air currents, waves and vortexes interact, and swirl into every place. Yet we are mostly unaware of this ever-changing ‘dance’. My sculptures give expression to the wind’s subtlety and beauty and put the viewer in direct contact with the most bewitching of nature’s elements.

By revealing this interchange of movement and stillness, I aim to create visual experiences that draw the viewer into silent communication with nature.